Stay Station Park

Looking at the cafe garden from the park

My final student project – The renovation of the Haifa Bat Galim Central Bus Station.
For the full thesis (in Hebrew) – click here (pdf, 9.3mb).

After less the 30 years since it was first built, with the transportation layout changes in 2003, A desert of desolate asphalt and brute concrete was left on the border between Bat Galim and Kiryat Eliezer neighborhoods. Whether it was it purpose that was gone with the buses, or its uninviting nature, people kept their distance from the place. What was once a lively transportation center slowly emptied of stores and people until finally it became a home to questionable business and neglect.

The project’s purpose is to renovate the station area, both functionally and conceptually. Outpatient clinics, classrooms and various sport facilities at the middle of a vast park that integrates in the city’s fabric. A green lung. Tranquility. Bare concrete and luscious vegetation. Health and sport.

Form-wise, the goal is to penetrate the absolute prolonged. No longer a long building, but simply a roof. Perceptual length replaces the physical length.
A hierarchy of perfect volumes laying beneath a single roof and within them functions which amuse themselves with indoor-outdoor games, controlled vistas and the sensation of materials.

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