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Digital architecture project with Prof. Rivka Oxman.
Created using VB6 (for the design software), 3D Studio max, some glue and a lot of wood.  

The idea behind the project is that if given enough physical data, computers can generate 2D/3D spaces. For a given task or purpose, these spaces are all equivalent (i.e. they are all big enough, tall enough etc). an architect can then take the generated catalog of spaces and create a building out of the “prefolded” spaces.  

For the concept study, I’ve created a very basic software with the single task of drawing lines according to some basic physical data (3 variables for length and 2 for of height).  

The presentation of the project was divided to 4 separated posters, corresponding to the parts of its development:  

  1. Concept Study
  2. Line>Space>Architecture
  3. Sections
  4. Application

For more information about data generated building, Google for the works of:  

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